Honey Dijon — DJ, producer, and general sonic superwoman of international acclaim — is generally known for tearing up dancefloors between New York, Paris, Bangkok, and Berlin. But despite her avid love for dance music the New Yorker with Chicago roots is a true romantic at heart. For PIN–UP the currently single disco diva put together the perfect Valentine's Day mix and answered a few quintessential questions around the subject of Saint Valentine. 

Describe the perfect place for a Valentine’s Day date.
I quite love smoky jazz bars and bourbon. I think their is nothing sexier than listening to live music in intimate spaces with a lover or partner or maybe even one night adventure.

What music would make for a perfect Valentine’s Day?
Always jazz, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Paradise Garage classics or 70s light is almost more important than sex for me. 

Flowers: yes or no? 
Yes. Ideally white peonies. They are so robust and sexual. 

Not every date ends in the sheets, but when it does, what are your bedroom preferences? 
Well, it’s always about ambiance. So I will break it down:

♡ Room Scent: Either Solis Rex by Cire Trudon or Byredo Safron. I love musky sexy smells.

♡ Bed: King size Serta Perfect Sleeper. Its so plush and sensual.

♡ Sheets: I love oil play so black rubber sheets are the best. 

♡ Lighting: The flicker of candlelight.

What’s the ultimate Valentine’s Day vibe killer?
False modesty, no sense of humor, too much perfume or cologne, bad breath, cheap shoes, and bad taste in music. Oh, and being on the phone when you should be using your fingers and eyes for other things. 

If someone wants to take you on a date this week, what’s the best way to reach out to you?
I’m quite old fashioned. Confidence is sexy to me and so i would say chance encounters. I think someone just walking up to me and showing interest and inviting me out for a drink or dinner is so sexy. It rarely happens though. Most of the time I get asked out on Instagram. It seems people are more interested in their avatars and projecting who they think others want them to be instead of being who they are.

Want to see Honey Dijon live? Check her out on March 3, 2018 at the Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival in Miami.