THE PIN–UP QUOTE: Amanda Levete

Amanda Levete in her London studio photographed by Mathilde Agius for PIN–UP.

“I think that the government has no real understanding of the soft cultural power of architecture. They just don’t get it. What I find frustrating is that everything has to be measurable. The only way you can make an argument to politicians is through measurable, quantifiable data that usually has to do with money. And that is to miss the point of the value that architecture has to communities, particularly when you’re talking about public space. The meeting place for a community should not be about money, it’s about something much more important, much more significant, much deeper than that. So I do get frustrated that you have to give data. There should be another way to measure value which isn’t data-driven. As an architect, you have a sense of social responsibility and of giving back in any way you can. And of contributing to the debate, whether through your work, through writing, through lecturing, through talking in schools... I very much feel that sense of responsibility. I also get frustrated that we’ve never been invited to do social-housing projects, for example.”

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Portrait by Mathilde Agius.

Quote taken from PIN–UP 24, Spring Summer 2018.