My mom would take us traveling all around Europe and throw us into museums. I remember being so fascinated by those Magritte paintings, for example, where there is always a hidden side to them that makes you feel almost angry because you want to take out the obstruction and see the face. Same with Dalí paintings; I would stare at them and each time I would discover new things. I just loved the oneiric aspect, the total freedom and, of course, the nonsense.

I also like to study my dreams. Sometimes I just remember sensations or images, but when I can I like to write down my dreams in the morning. Sometimes my daughter wakes up and tells me all of her dreams. So I write them down too, because I would love one day for her to be able to read and connect with her craziness.

Taken from an interview with Horacio Silva in PIN–UP No. 14, Spring Summer 2013.

Portrait by Carlotta Manaigo.