I think it’s important to share knowledge, particularly with the younger generation. Teaching is also learning, and with the students you create a learning environment. It provides a platform to really test ideas and be more experimental I always tell my students when they start that what they have that’s really great is ignorance. Ignorance is bliss: with this innocence you can create and question a lot of things. Over the course of the studio, you’ll transform from ignorance to knowledge, and lose that innocence. My role is simply to structure that transition and point you in the right direction, so that you ask the right questions and investigate the issues we’re tackling. I really think that in a good team you should have people who know a lot about issues pertaining to the project, and people who know nothing. Because they are the ones who can come up with the crazy ideas.

Taken from PIN–UP No. 18, Spring Summer 2015. Interview by Andrew Ayers. Portrait by Robin De Puy.