“A CASTIGLIONI:” A Video Brings to Life A Retrospective of Italy’s Most Famous Designer

The exhibition A Castiglioni was a comprehensive retrospective at the Triennale in Milan honoring the work of one of the most iconic figures of Italian post-war design: Achille Castiglioni. Put together by one of his students, the designer and architect Patricia Urquiola together with curator Federica Sala, the show was open to the public from October 6, 2018 until January 20, 2019. Thankfully the curators commissioned the Milanese studio COCO and MAXIMILIAN to put together this playful video that showcases how the exhibition captured Castiglioni’s expansive oeuvre and humor-filled attitude.

Born in 1918, Castiglioni first trained as an architect before working alongside his brother Pier Giacomo (who unexpectedly died in 1968). He is the  mastermind behind such design classics like the Arco floor lamp, the Snoopy, or the Mezzadro tractor seat. He died in 2002 but the exhibition A Castiglioni, which featured over 200 pieces, and this video bring back to life all the different areas of Castiglioni’s 60 years of practice, from the famous design products to lesser-known interiors. To read an interview with his daughter Giovanna, the guardian of the Castiglioni estate, click here


Commissioned by Studio Urquiola.